Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Strike woes

The tube strike has not hit my travel times. As I use two overland lines and a bike in between I went home last night and came in this morning without the usual strike stress.

What did stress me out though, was the rest of the commuting population. Everyone gets grumpy on strike days. Raw animosity crackled in the air and I was smacked by large handbags/briefcases a lot more than usual as people stormed past. The train was rammed by the time we hit Paddington and the crush to get through the gates was far worse than usual.

Knowing all the bikes would be taken in the immediate vicinity, I walked the 10 minutes to my failsafe docking point where there are always bikes. I saddled up and set off. I'm used to a certain amount of snobbery from other cyclists when I'm on a Boris Bike. It's generally idiots though, so I shake it off. What really annoyed me today was the snobbery and attitude of the various people who had clearly bought themselves some lycra togs and then dug their monstrosities out of their sheds to bike the strike.

They were rude, they were arrogant and, sorry boys, they were mostly men. They ran lights, they overtook far too close, they went the wrong way down one-way streets. Sigh. One man in particular stands out.

He nearly hit me as I cycled through a junction because he ran a red light. I was a bit shocked and stammered that it was a red light. His response was to shout 'Oh f*** off!' into my face before wobbling off. He may have been in lycra but the rust on his chain told me he was a strike biker. There was just no need for that kind of attitude.

If only there wasn't that minority of arseholes. I should be rejoicing that so many people will have discovered they can cycle to work, instead I wish they'd just bugger off back onto the tube.


  1. Oh yes lots of tube strike 'boy racers' on the roads this morning.

    Have not been around for a while...how has the move to the new offices gone?
    Maybe I should just read back entries.

    Have not tried the Borris Bikes yet...not sure if I will...not out of snobbery...just really have no need to at the moment. Can't help but notice how small they are compared to the ones in Paris.
    But tis good that they have been helpful for your new travel plans.
    I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they don't get trashed and vandalised like most other communal things in London.


  2. I too hope they're not trashed. I had to walk past FIVE docking stations to get one this morning. The strike obviously inspired people.

    Office move was ok, stressful but no more than expected. the bikes make my commute much more pleasant and we're getting into routine of the new company.