Friday, 4 June 2010

Ridiculously good mood

Hmmmm, why am I so happy? Could be because:
  • I have a new personal best getting to work, 25mins door-to-door.
  • It's beautiful weather.
  • Mr Weenie has started planting herbs and things in the balcony plant boxes and they look beautiful.
  • I'm seeing my lovely sisters this evening.
  • My copy of Replay has arrived (written by the marvellous T).
  • Reg is still clean and gorgeous after his mid-week wash.
  • I ran out to catch the ice-cream man last night and he gave me an extra big Mr Whippy.
All of this has counterbalanced the nasty scratch on my forehead that Mr Handsome gave me last night when he misjudged a leap from my chest to the arm of the sofa. Ouch!

Oh and just because, this was the Thames path yesterday afternoon as I cycled to a medical appointment. Beautiful!

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