Thursday, 3 June 2010

Ealing Cycling Campaign and singing chums

When Mr Weenie announced he was off the rugby AGM there was a niggling feeling that I'd been asked to go somewhere, then I remembered. Ealing Cycling Campaign meets once a month and last night was the night.

I decided to attend. A asked me ages ago and I was hijacked in the local Waitrose car park by another member asking if I wanted to join.

It was a nice evening on all fronts. A very nice man on a Brompton bought me a beer, there was a space next to A for me to sit, and I found out about the various Bike Week projects going on in the borough. It was, a bit like the FNRttC, the kind of cycle group where everyone is welcome and, while some were in jerseys and some were in jeans, we were all cyclists together.

Afterwards, having had no word from Mr Weenie, I decided to visit some old friends who I had no doubt would be in a local pub as they always are on a Wednesday night. I arrived unannounced and had wine thrust into my hands and a hearty welcome.

I then cycled home in the balmy evening, not even having to put a jacket on. Bliss.


  1. I keep meaning to go to the EEC meetings but then find myself 'chickening out'...

    Ah...also...sorry to sound like a completely crazy stalker (I promise I'm not)...But I gather you are on about the W/E Waitrose...
    For some reason I just love it there as it's 'cyclist friendly' and it always makes me happy to see other people trolloping around with their helmets half hanging off their heads.

    Have you tried their little bicycle trailer things yet?


  2. Hmmmm, the bicycle trailer experiment did NOT go well. They don't fit round my seatpost... It was that Waitrose though and in all other respects they're great. They donate breakfast stuff to the local school's breakfast club and they gave free refreshments to the ECC people who ran a stand in the car park the other week.