Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Blend those blues away

Yesterday I was having a less than spectacular day. To top it off, a guy walked out straight in front of my bike on my way home. Noticing that he wasn't looking I had rung my bell with no response and, luckily, had slowed in the anticipation of his suspected stupidity. It didn't stop him swearing at me though. By the time I got home, wet and muddy, I was less than bubbly.

As Mr Weenie and I waited for our shopping delivery I decided to take action.

For my 21st birthday I bought myself a blender. A £120 blender. It has about a squillion attachments, including a juicer. We have a regular fruit and veg box delivery and have been woefully rubbish at eating the fruit. I decided to blend my blues away. I juiced the oranges, then I did some apples and, while it took about five to make one large glass of juice, Mr Weenie pronounced it delectable. I juiced the pears as well and, with no fruit left, I decided to attack the kohlrabi that had arrived instead of detested courgette.

Using the shredder I reduced it to paper thin strips along with some carrots and an onion. Mr Weenie and I snacked on the resulting mix while waiting for the shopping.

Yes, there's nothing quite like shredding and pulping the hell out of things to make you feel better.


  1. Brilliant.

    You run the risk of sunburn and dehydration today...complete 180 from yesterday!

    Ah...I want to make some orange sorbet with all the oranges we seem to have left in the fridge!