Monday, 26 July 2010

Why do we do it to ourselves?!

Following the corporate shafting that resulted in my moving to a destination miles and miles away for work, I have been left with a commute that, this morning, lasted just over an hour and a half. And that was because I ran for a train.

Crammed into hot and sweaty tubes of met with the rest of London's commuting warriors, my mind wandered to my first job. A similar distance, my days were consumed by it and the resulting misery meant that I quit.

The distance to my new company is 15-16 miles and I think it's a feasible distance to cycle once the cast comes off and I've worked up my leg strength and shed the obscene amount of weight gained while eating cheese in Normandy.

God help me, I'll have to think of something because this morning was awful.

Now that I am part of the cycle enlightened I have another option, there's another way. So why do most of us dismiss cycling as an option for so long when the alternative is to fight our way on to crowded platforms, elbow the weak out of the way to climb onto packed carriages, become intimately acquainted with strangers' armpits, and all so we can arrive at jobs we seldom enjoy?

Why why why.


  1. Once the cast is off its definetly doable. That's the distance I commute. Sometimes if I'm tired I leave the bike there and get public transport home and back in to have a rest!

  2. Exactly what I'm thinking. My wrist is agony though. The cramp and stiffness are really bad so I reckon it'll be a while before I'm back together with Reg.

  3. Hahahahahaha, have read this back with the benefit of hindsight. The 'obscene amount of weight' I gained in Normandy was in fact a little person who is now a two and a half year old Eenie :)