Thursday, 29 July 2010

Everywhere I go, people are having fun on bicycles

London was awash with bicycles this morning. I watched longingly as people whizzed by past Hyde Park Corner and Victoria. I shone green with envy when a young lady took a cab driver on and remarked that he was being aggressive, every bike seemed gleaming and beautiful, every cyclist happy.

I attempted yet another permutation this morning as I had to renew my travelcard. It meant I missed the Victoria tube closure but meant I walked for 15 minutes to reach Victoria. It was bike heavy and only magnified my commuting misery. I near wept at the sight of so many happy two-wheelers.

Sigh, why is it that when you can't do something, everyone else starts doing it?

So unfair.


  1. I just have to comment on this one. My sister says the exact same thing. She got a foot injury about a year ago and has been unable to run. Since then, loads of her friends have taken up running and are even training for half marathons and marathons (my sister was hoping to run the Boston marathon this year or next). It is making her even more resentful of the fact that she can't run.