Friday, 18 December 2009

Siberia in the office

I'll set the scene:

There are several people in coats at their desks and a few have resorted to putting their hoods up or hats on.

The sound of typing is muffled by woolly gloves and the shuddering of people breathing the frigid air.

Staff take it in turns to get supplies from Starbucks in a desperate attempt to stay warm and keep moving.

Our repeated attempts at communication with facilities has failed. We have now been told that our other building is now without any heating and takes priority. As the minutes tick by we can only hope that help will come before someone freezes to death or, alternatively, everyone goes to pub.


  1. Apparently if the temperature drops below 18 degrees (or is it 16?) it's against health and safety legislation to be working in the office. Go home!!

  2. to the pub with you wooly people!