Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas lunch

Well that's something I'll never organise again.

Maybe it was the person who embarrassingly loudly had a go at me about paying the full amount upfront in front of the venue's manager rather than talk to me about it six weeks ago when I started organising it, maybe it was the people who didn't pay until the last minute even though I specifically asked for the money straight after a pay day (one of whom was apparently taking a stand against paying all of it so early but who never spoke to me about it), maybe it was how rude people were to the serving staff even though the problems mainly arose from people not knowing what they ordered and not bothering to check before we got there even though I told everyone I had a list, maybe it was the fact that even though I organised the whole thing no one thought to save me a seat and because someone turned up unexpectedly expecting to be fed a chair had to be dragged over and I had no cutlery, maybe it was because someone ended up with the wrong meal because even though I handed out the menu choices list three times someone still took his main, maybe it was because people complained to me about their perfectly good food instead of just eating it or talking to the staff, maybe it was the people who rather than just not put money in the tip envelope decided to put bottle caps, coppers and other pieces of rubbish in there.

Whatever the reason I had a shit time.

Merry f****** Christmas.


  1. OMG! That sounds horrendous. Whoever you were organising that for were clearly a bunch of miserable, ungrateful gits. What a thankless task. I suppose Christmas can only get better from here on in...

  2. Indeed, one hopes so. Got trashed with a friend who cheered me up last night though so feel much better (if a little woozy) today.