Tuesday, 15 December 2009


This morning I forewent my jacket again (I was, of course, wearing my eyeball-searingly reflective Sam Browne) and although my arms got a bit chilled I didn't really mind. I tend to build up a lot of core heat so my arms are a handy outlet. My face on the other hand, was frozen.

I wear a headband/ear warmer that cuts the wind and still lets me hear traffic but I'm starting to see the merits of the 'buff'.

I've always scoffed at them in the past but I'm starting to think that an item that can prevent nasal frostbite AND hide your sweat 'tache has got to be a good thing. I'm always worried I'd feel a bit suffocated but my breath this morning seemed to crystallise as it left my mouth and I'm getting increasing glasses mist as a result. Could a buff be a solution?

Still haven't decided what to do about my eyes though. I'm starting to think male cyclists are avoiding me because the tears streaming down my face and the ensuing redness make me look like someone who has been dumped while suffering PMT rage.



  1. That last paragraph made me laugh out loud in the office!! (it was v. cold this morning, impressed you went out sans coat!)

  2. Get some arm warmers - they are brilliant. I always get far too hot if I wear loads of layers but my arm warmers strike the perfect balance. Can't speak for the merits of the buff though. Too visibly hardcore for me!

  3. Buffs are great, you get used to them covering your mouth! But once wet hard to breath through. My glasses mist with them though, I pull it down when stopped at lights and sorted!