Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sleepy pootle and an injury

Sooo tired, this commuting lark's exhausting.

I nearly didn't bike today but sternly told myself off with an internal monologue when I got to Paddington. Unfortunately, I then cut my finger on a wayward piece of plastic under the saddle when I was adjusting the saddle.

A Boris Bike repairman was waiting for colleagues next to the docking stand and, when he saw me sucking the finger in question asked what I'd done. He conscientiously investigated with me saying he'd take the bike out of service if there was a sharp bit on it, but we couldn't find what had done it. I still have no idea but it bled a lot.

Even with the injury, I knew I'd made the right decision as I hit Hyde Park with blue sky up above and the sun shining. Because they're so heavy, the bikes force you to pootle and, in a sit-up position, it was lovely to admire the view and glide through the park. I know my route really well now so I can peer around and admire the various things going past.


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