Monday, 16 August 2010

For the last time lame people....

Whether you wear a helmet or not is entirely your choice, you're a grown up, so why the frick are so many of you bringing out a helmet and then hanging it off your handlebars/backpacks?!

I don't care if you don't want to wear one but carrying one around without using it would indicate to me that:

A: Your significant other/parents have told you to wear one and you carry one so that when you leave the house they see you carrying one and assume you're going to wear it.

B: Part of you thinks you should wear one but you just can't bring yourself to strap the polystyrene monstrosity to your head... in public.

C: You are under the misguided impression that, when one came with your bike, it was some sort of technical thing that belongs with said bicycle and that to separate them by more than four feet will render the bike useless.

To all of you, be it A, B or C:

You are lame. Make the decision and stick to it, grow a pair while you're at it.


  1. After riding behind one of these strange helmet-carrying people for a bit, I observed that a helmet attached to a backpack by a length of sufficiently bouncy elastic can cause motorists to give you amounts of overtaking room normally only achieved using a garden fork / wedding dress / recumbent bicycle.

    That still doesn't make it a good idea, though.

  2. Five weeks in Tehran and I noticed a similar trend with motorbikes and crash helmets...people literally hang them off the handlebars and zoom off into the abyss (i.e. the crazy roads of Tehran...where people do not obey lane markings...if any are around...and people generally drive like raving lunatics).

    More shocking though...was entire families on motorbikes where just the driver was wearing a crash helmet...and the wife and kids were just casually hanging on...even saw babies being clutched under one arm like a clutch bag on high speed motorbike...
    Truly crazy!

  3. Babies as clutch bags definitely wins in the madness stakes!