Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Envy retro stylee

There was a woman on a Chopper on my commute this morning.

Yes, a Chopper.

It was clearly one from some distance because of the unique seat shape etc and the fact it was tiny small. She had the Vans and surfer-style mess of hair that meant she was obviously deeply cool and I must admit that rather than scoff I was envious.

She couldn't go terribly fast but was cruising rather than pootling, exuding the sense that she would get there when she got there and to chill out speed freaks.

Reg was the equivalent of a bowler hat and pinstripe suit in comparison to her Juicy Couture tracksuit of a bike. Her bike is probably called India or Hiawatha or something that can be shortened to C or whatever the first letter of its name is. In fact, it's probably so cool it doesn't even have a name.

I think my sense of uncoolness was magnified by my new 'Sam Browne' a reflective belt around the waist and over the shoulder. Following the accident I'm a bit nervous about being seen. I'm sure my desire to look like a clown will end eventually but for now I look like a Mexican goalkeeper.


  1. Forget feeling silly in hi-vis. I am the hi-vis queen! If it's warm I wear a vest that is yellow and orange and covered in reflective strips and if it's colder I have a jacket that is so bright it actually hurts to look at! I had a disagreement with a regular cyclist recently who insisted that hi-vis was only necessary at night. As a sometime driver I find the bright colours actually more important during the day - and especially at dusk. At night there are lights to attract a drivers attention but during the day a grey/black/blue/whatever jacket is easy to miss. Hi-vis rules!!

  2. I've started wearing the Sam Browne on every ride except those where I'm in my yellow jacket.

    I totally agree with you that it's not just for night time. Dusk is particularly murky and I always wear something noticable.

  3. Hi-Vis doesn't actually make that difference at night whilst under sodium street lighting.
    It becomes a normal washed out colour at night. The only bit that helps you to be noticed at night is Reflective material.

    Hi-Vis = Good for during the day
    Reflective = Good for the night

    I am amazed at how many people do not know or cannot see the difference.

  4. Hmmm interesting, most of my high-vis has reflective on it as well. I also have reflective rims on my new tyres. Lovely.