Thursday, 9 December 2010

More bike trailer/seat stuff...

I too am dubious of the trailers if they're on-road as they're low-down and not terribly visible. I have visions of cycling baby through country trails... Sigh.

The under handlebar baby carriers are called Bo bike carriers and I think they're FAB.

I do like Bakfiet ones too (they're the bucket ones) and the Trikidoo is also worth a look. A lady near where I worked in Hammersmith had the Trikidoo and always looked terribly stylish on it.


  1. Ooh...I saw a lady with a Trikidoo down my road a couple of months ago. Very, very stylish...and I believe hers had an electric motor...just in case, you know.

    And I believe a Trikidoo or similar 'cargo' bike will last you many years until Eenie is old enough to ride his/her own bike.'d have enough space to carry child and do weekly grocery shop/any shopping on it. Brilliant!

    Hope you and Mr Weenie can come to some sort of agreement, i.e. you get your own way.


  2. All valid reasons! Main issue is cost really. Cargo bikes are hideously expensive, perhaps because they're so fantastic.

  3. Oh My Gosh I *love* the Trikidoo! I've never seen them before but they are gorgeous (plus it says on the website that Helena B-C has one and I love her too). The only problem (apart from cost) is storing it somewhere I guess.