Monday, 25 October 2010

C*ck off!

No, it's not sodding twins.

Yes, I'm aware that the bump is big, I do not need to be told every time you see me.

Oi, tosser, I see you staring at the bump and the chalky complexion of someone feeling ill, I see you're able to stand and in a seat.

Hmmmmm, why would a pregnant lady be lying across a couple of seats looking dazed, could it be she's near to fainting. So why be so f-ing rude?!

Really, I see, you're an expert on all things pregnancy and feel I should be told what to eat and that cycling while pregnant 'is just irresponsible'? Thanks for that.

And, finally, although it's not happened to me yet, but has happened to someone I know and has nearly happened to me a couple of times already:

Do NOT f***ing touch me without my permission.

I don't give a crap that pregnancy is fascinating, my bump is just that, MINE. I live in fear of this happening as I am seriously worried thatI will kill the perpetrator.

Hormonal much?!


  1. Oh, I remember those days well, and you totally have my empathy. Travellin on the tube was just the worst. I had to get off a couple of times because I almost fainted (I hope you didn't faint in the end!), and no one ever gave up his or her seat! Also, people used to tell me I was huge and that I must be having twins from the 7th month onwards. But are you really that big already? I'm sure I didn't show at all until I was about 5 months pregnant. Post pictures a.s.a.p.!!! I hope everything is going well otherwise!

  2. I do indeed show, massively. I started showing at about 10 weeks. I'll have to get Mr Weenie to take some pictures!

    I'm quite good at getting seats if I really need them. I unzip the jacket, sigh audibly while holding the bump, then eye-contact people. It's not so bad at the moment but when I get heavier and really need a seat, I'll just threaten to wee on people. Never fails.

  3. Hormonal for sure.

    Pregnancy sounds like a scary situation to be in. Also people on public transport are just pure evil at times.

    Ah least a mini-you will enter the world soon...and you'll have free reign on it's upbringing.